Sometimes a lil’ meditation helps

Sometimes a lil' meditation helps ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories


I cracked up last night when there was a moment in the house when things had become a bit chaotic.  It involved a water spill, an entire roll of paper towels unleashed to clean it up, a dog barking at the door, the front of the dishwasher laying on the floor and this one. . . hopping up on the table and humming in supposed meditation, escaping it all.

He knows how to bring his mama right out of a funk with laughter.

This shenanigan was especially funny because I grew up in a very conservative home.  Meditation was not a word we used much.  In fact it was pretty foreign to me until the last five years or so.  It wasn’t foreign in that I didn’t know what it was.

It was foreign in that I didn’t understand the concept.

I actually thought meditation had something to do with opening your mind to let anything random that might be floating by, come fill it.  That’s so hilarious to me now, knowing that in reality, meditation is about focusing your mind so that it is intentionally filled with something, in particular, that you want to think more about, consider, reflect on or learn more about.

Oaks had it right.

In the middle of the chaos, he found his calm, happy place.  And he helped me find mine.  He reminded me that it’s a choice.  (even if you were part of causing the chaos!) You don’t have to get swept up in the effects of it.  You don’t have to take in the shame it may want to place on you.  You don’t have to lose it, even if everyone else around you may be.

At any point, you can jump up on the table and decide where you want your mind to go.

So if you encounter any chaos today.  If you find your mind wanting to go all frantic on you. . . think about this guy.  Have a laugh and then remember that it’s your choice.

The world can go flying by, picking up debris at every turn, but you don’t have to go with it.

You can stay firmly planted and peaceful.

It’s your choice.

(and mine too!)

to more love,


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