That’s what friends do

I love this image of my incredible friend Carly because it’s so far outside the limits of what you would typically see of her on social media.  She’s usually pretty calm, cool and collected.  But last night was the open house for her very first storefront with the sustainable fashion brand she founded in 2014, called Tribe Alive. 

And she was ready to celebrate! 

Her storefront is in downtown Fort Worth which Google maps told me was an hour and fifteen minutes away, with no traffic.  Since the Grand Opening began at 6:00, I knew I’d have to leave VERY early to make it across the metroplex if I wanted to get there anywhere near on time.  So I called my friend Laura, a sister in my village, who readily took care of my boys.  She got them at school, took them to practice and they were happy as could be.

She just handled it, because that’s what friends do. 

That enabled me to arrive at Tribe Alive with an hour to spare.  I went in, ready to get to work, because that’s what fellow “event” friends do.  But there was no work needed.  When I walked in the door, the ladies of Tribe were standing in their bright, perfectly organized, studio sipping cocktails ready for the party!  So I changed into my party clothes, then we got time to take silly selfies and catch up on all the things before the flood of people arrived.

It was perfect. 

Before we knew it, they arrived.  They kept coming and coming and coming.  That darling little store was soon filled, wall-to-wall, with people oohing and ahhing over all the gorgeous pieces.  But of course, mostly celebrating Carly, Reagan and The Tribe for achieving this incredible milestone.

It quickly became apparent that someone needed to make a beer run. 

Sign me up!  That’s what friends do.  I set my map for the closest store with locally crafted beer and made the run.  After that bucket was filled back to the top, I turned around to see Carly.  She was standing there holding a cooler of Melt ice cream looking for someone to pass it out.  Sign me up for that!  

That’s what friends do.  

It was seriously such a huge honor to be able to do any little thing for that Tribe.  Nothing in the world was “beneath me”.  They are my sisters, my people.  I would have scrubbed the potty if they needed me to.  Showing up for each other in small and big ways is the way we get through life.

We do it together, that’s what friends do. 

It was because of Laura, I could do my part to pass out ice cream.  It was because she showed up for me, I could show up for The Tribe at Tribe Alive.  We all need each other.  We’re all connected, more than we’ll ever realize.

Go show up for a friend this weekend. 

It may seem like something small, but it will mean the world to her and the other people in her village.  You know you’ve been there too.  That’s what makes you the perfect person for the job.

Whatever it is, handle it for her.  

That’s what friends do.

to more love,


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