That ship has sailed

We snapped this pic on the last night of the fourth grade Texas History field trip.  I was sneaking out early to catch a flight home to be back in time for the Off To The Races GNO, when my two roomies, Mel and Libba, reminded me that we didn’t have a single pic together.  They were right!  It was completely unlike me to not have taken loads of pictures of our adventures together that week.  But honestly, I was in survival mode.

That trip tested all my limits.  

If you know me at all, I am a social butterfly.  All I want to do is play, talk, laugh and have some fun.  Seriously.  That is the good life to me.  But this whole adulting thing seriously gets in the way sometimes.  Between trying to coordinate house showings, signing off on unexpected builder deadlines, and fielding the unforeseen glitches in the GNO plan for Thursday, all while I’ve signed an agreement not to work while with the kiddos, and wanting nothing more to be completely present with my boy, it was tricky to navigate, to say the least.

That’s not to say we did not have fun.

We laughed so hard, and apparently so loud. (Our friend two doors down and across the hall said she could hear every word we said!)  Oops.  Like there was the first night, we were all worn out and exhausted, faces washed, teeth brushed, jammies on, cozy in bed with the lights out, when the fire alarm was going off in the hall.  We are mamas.  You would think we would have sprung out of bed.  But no.  We laid there for just a minute, considering the options, before slowly resurrecting ourselves to shuffle out into the hall, only to notice that Libba wasn’t with us.

Where’s Libba?

She was getting snacks.  Seriously.  We opened the door to find Libba rummaging through the fridge, looking for some snacks to keep us entertained in case we were gone for a while.  All true.  On a field trip, you don’t grab your purse or your valuables before you exit the building.

You grab snacks!

It all turned out well.  Apparently it was a steamy shower that set off the alarm.  After all the mamas in jammies converged in the hall with hilarious laughter, the maintenance guy arrived and simply removed the alarm.  Goodnight moon.

We were all soon out for the count.  

While the trip tested my limits, it’s also true that there were so many moments of joy and connection.  We told stories, ate strange food and laughed until our stomachs hurt.  I think I’m learning that’s what adulting is all about.  Life is going to be stressful at times.   It’s a waste of time to wish to be young and carefree again.

That ship has sailed.  

But you can savor the moments of joy.  You might have to work a little harder for them sometimes, sure.  You might need to decide to room with friends instead of rooming alone.  You might need to go to that coffee date, lunch date or GNO, even when it would be so much easier to stay home.

Sometimes your “best yes” requires you to say “no”. 

But there are other times, the “best yes” is a hard “yes” that will push you beyond your comfort zone.

That ship, of “young and carefree”, has sailed. 

But the view, out on the vast ocean of adulting, is beautiful, when you stop to take a look.

Sure, it’s a different world. 

But if you find the moments of joy on the ride, it will take you closer to where you want to go.

to more love,


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