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Stay and Fight | HeartStoriesIs there a problem in your life that makes you want to run for the hills?

Maybe it’s a certain relationship that seems like it does nothing but drag you down.   Maybe it’s a project that you committed to and it’s turned out a lot harder than you expected.  Maybe it’s a fitness plan that sounded really good, but now it’s kicking your booty.

Some folks will tell you to rid yourself of relationships with people who pull you down, to get out of a project if it’s not what you expected and that it’s okay to take a little break from the fitness plan.

I say stay and fight.

For clarity, I don’t mean stay in an abusive relationship or surround yourself intentionally with people who drag you down.  What I mean is, when you’re in a tough relationship with a friend, a neighbor, a classmate, a co-worker, a boss, or even a spouse that (isn’t abusive), commit to stay and fight.  

When you’re in the middle of a project that isn’t going the way you were promised it would or the way you expected it to, commit to stay and fight. 

When you’re two months into your plan and your progress has slowed or even stalled, commit to stay and fight.

This isn’t a “boxing gloves” kind of fight.

It’s the kind of fight that says, This is where I am.  Now I get to choose what I do about it.  I can choose to stretch myself and grow or I can run to ‘safety’.  

I choose to grow.  

You can leave the relationship, the project or the plan behind, but you will see it again.  It may have a different face or name, but you will see it again.  You might as well go ahead and learn how to grow through it now.  Then, when you see it again, you’ll be ready.

You’ll be stronger.

So try these three things next time you’re tempted to run and hide.

  1. Commit to stay.   The mental act of commitment itself can renew your passion and vigor.
  2. Get open.  Look at yourself to see how you’re contributing to the issue and be willing to change.
  3. Change your response.   Most often you’re the only thing you can change.

Give it all you’ve got.   That’s a choice you won’t regret.

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