Spring will come


I had coffee yesterday with an inspiring woman, named Jillian.  (You’ll get a chance to meet her soon.)

We smiled, laughed, and got teary at times, talking about the road to create change that matters.  The overwhelm, the difficulty, the stress, the isolation and the constant taunting of the “easier way”, to just throw in the towel and quit.  Of course, just talking about it made it all better.  Connecting with someone who completely understood, made it all seem normal and sane.  Sitting face to face with another human being who gets the lead with your heart AND the business acumen part was so refreshing.

I reflected on our chat throughout the day.  Then I had an unrelated conversation with my Dad where he reminded me about when he learned to grow okra up in Oklahoma.  The short version is that planted and grew a huge crop of okra and soon realized it was way more than he could handle.   He worked hard to pick it, boil it, pickle it, can it, and give it away, but it kept growing.  There was Okra everywhere.

He had enough.

He never wanted to see okra again.  So when the crop died in the fall, tilled all the dead plants into the ground.  He thought he was finally finished with okra.  It was dead and gone.

Until Spring arrived.

When he looked out, he saw little green sprouts, everywhere.

How could that possibly be?  The okra was dead.  He chopped it all up and thought he’d finally beat it, but what he’d actually done was cultivate the seeds.  He multiplied the plant more than a hundred times over.

By trying to kill the okra, he gave it everything it needed to thrive.  

I don’t know what you’re going through today.  Maybe your financial situation is squeezing you.  Maybe work is chopping away at you.  Maybe a tumultuous relationship is shaking you up and feels like it’s tearing you down.

Please don’t quit.

Remember the okra seed.  After it appeared dead and over, it brought it’s biggest harvest yet.

I know it’s hard.  I really do.

Believe me, your best is yet to come, if you’ll just hold on.   Whatever you’re going through will make you stronger, more beautiful and more able to create a change that matters in this world, but only if you let it.  Only if you hold on.  Let it change you.  Spring will come.

You’re a fighter.

You’ve got this.  

to more love,



  1. This arrived right on time! You have a talent for doing that!

    1. I’m so glad to hear that Glenna. I guess that’s the way it works. You arrived in my life, right on time. Your voice was exactly what I needed to hear on many occasions!

  2. Right on as usual Crystal. As you know I’ve been trying to start a business as a virtual assistant. What you don’t know is that I have started a temp job in the real estate industry that will help me gain some experience in an industry I want to spotlight. So I’m tilling my ground and looking for a great crop to come. And I’m usually able to get my ‘little bit of Crystal’ each morning before I go to work. Love that!

    1. Thank you Quay! No, I did not know. Real estate is a perfect place for you! Congratulations and lots of strengt to you! I’m so glad my writing can be a bright spot in your day!

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