Sound the alarms, it’s the WEEKEND!

When your week includes a call to 911, that results in 3 fire trucks and 8+ firemen arriving at your house, while you sit on the lawn with your family and dogs, you know it’s been a doozy.  But when they’re leaving and you notice that one of the firemen is your son’s basketball coach, it sure lightens the mood!

The moral to this story is, don’t move. 

I’m kidding.  Sort of.  Among all the other things we’ve been coordinating, we discovered we needed a new roof.  No problem, right?  Take the old on off, put the new one all, we’re all good.  Oh and be sure the new buyer schedules their inspection the very next morning (because that just seems like a great idea!).

Apparently it’s never quite that easy. 

I left the house while the roofers were finishing up and when we all returned a few hours later, the entire house was filled with the smell of natural gas.  It turns out, roofers can puncture gas lines with all that hammering.  And plumbers have to cut floor to ceiling holes in your walls to replace them.  And sheetrock repair guys, who know you are in a bind, like to partake in a little game called price-gouging, just for an added measure of fun.  I can’t make this stuff up.

But I sure am glad it’s Friday, and I’m guessing you are too.  

Even though we still have so much to do over the weekend, there’s something about the end of school, the end of the work week, and the beginning of the weekend that signals “rest” to our systems.  It’s like a little shot of hope straight to the brain, that connection, rest, and peace are just around the corner.  It’s mostly all in our minds, because we run like crazy on the weekends too.

But our minds control our bodies, so let it be. 

Sound the alarms to your brain today, it’s the weekend! Let your “responsible adult” button flicker a little bit.  Take a breath with the ones you love.

Monday will come soon enough.

to more love,


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