Play in the rain

Friday was the last day of school for my little men.  While Noah was at the lake with friends, all Oakley wanted to do was play football.  So we took the top of the jeep, gathered some friends and headed to The Star.   They’d only been playing for about 20 minutes when a whopper of a rain storm blew in.  I knew we couldn’t leave without the top on the jeep, that was thankfully parking in the parking structure.  So what else would I do, but to tell them to keep playing?!

Play in the rain!

There was hardly a breeze and no lightening to be seen.  That rain took the temperature from a scorching 98 to what felt like 70 in a matter of minutes. They could have waited under the patio for the storm to pass, but instead they just kept right on playing.  What at first seemed like it might ruin our afternoon plans for fun, turned out to be the thing that made the plans more interesting and enjoyable.

It’s true for you too.

I don’t know what storm is kicking up in your life today, but I have no doubt you have one.  Sitting on the sidelines, in the safe familiarity, waiting for the storm to pass might seem like the easier way.  But if you get up, risk getting a little uncomfortable and get in the game anyway, you might just discover that there’s a different path available to you.

It might not look like the one you were expecting, but it might turn out to be better. 

It might even be more enjoyable.

But you’ll never know if you’re not willing to get a little uncomfortable.

Go play in the rain.

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