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Someone is waiting, HeartStories ~ Crystal Gornto

Not too long ago I got an email from a lovely girl in Canada regarding our online course.  She was asking simple question, so I popped an answer back to her pretty quickly.  She immediately replied with gushing excitement saying she felt like she’d just been emailed by a “celebrity”.   After I laughed so hard I spewed water on the keyboard, I thought,  Who? Me?  I’m clearly not a celebrity.  If she only knew that I’m sitting here in my jammies with my unwashed hair and pimple picked face!

I’ve thought about that exchange quite a bit since then.

Isn’t it interesting how our perceptions of ourselves shape the world we live in? 

I don’t even know her, but her original email was articulate and kind.   There were no barriers in my mind at all.  We’re just two women working to create the best in our lives having a little chat.   But she imagined that because I write a blog, speak, or founded a company, there was a barrier between us.

I wonder how many times I do that in my own life. 

I wonder how many times I don’t reach out to connect further after a meeting because I assume the other person isn’t interested.  I can’t count the number of blog posts I’ve started to write and ditched because I didn’t feel qualified.   Or how many times I’ve started to write program, course or workshop material only to find myself fighting that inner voice whispering, “Who do you think you are?” or “What if they find out you’re a fraud?”

Those narratives are innate in all of us.

And they will kill us, if we let them.  

Maybe not in a physical – breathing or not – kind of way, but in a fulfilling, life-giving, joy – kind of way.   If you let those narratives slide and start to believe them they will kill your hopes, your dreams, and your joy.

Those stories will put out the light that only you can shine so brightly.  

This is why, since day one, I’ve been on a mission to help you see yourself for the amazing, beautiful woman you are.  I want you to see all you have to offer this world and how desperately we need it, in the way only you can provide it.

We need you to dance your dance, write your blog, sing your song, create your product, host that event, start that company, give your speech, teach those children, teach their parents, love those women . . . whatever it is that your heart longs to do.

Someone is waiting, just for you.

to more love,


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