Smoke and mirrors

After a weekend of sports, (and never-ending house cleaning) we had to stay out of the house until 4pm on Sunday for an open house, with the dogs in tow.  This mama was pooped.  For some strange reason, waiting at an ice cream shop sounded like a good idea.  We pulled up the Google maps to find the closest one.

It was iCream, at 2.2 miles away, for the win.

None of us had ever been there before, but as soon as we walked in, it was obvious this wasn’t your grandma’s ice cream shop.  With the giant machines hanging down from the ceiling and videos playing on the walls of kids with smoke billowing from their mouths, this was going to be an interesting experience.  Taking turns monitoring the pups in the car, with great anticipation, we each finally figured out what we wanted our mystical ice cream to taste like.  Then we watched as they used the giant liquid nitrogen machines to make our ice cream in seconds, right before our eyes.  For a few seconds, it was a thrilling experience.

Then came the moment of expectation, watching the first bite send smoke, billowing from our mouths. 

We took our first bites and . . . nothing.  Nothing happened.  There was no smoke.  The ice cream was delicious, but it took us a while to notice, because we were waiting for the smoke.  We were waiting for the big “TA-DA”!

But it never came.  

I’m sure we probably had skewed expectations.  I’m sure we didn’t order the “smoke billowing” flavor, or the way we took the bite wasn’t quite right.  I don’t know exactly where we got off track, but it was such a great reminder about how we can miss the beauty and the joy in real life when we are caught up in our expectations of what life should be.

The next time you feel let down or disappointed, remember the smoke machines.

Think about what your expectations were for how that scenario was supposed to play out.  Maybe what you were hoping for or expecting simply isn’t possible from imperfect humans?  Maybe there was some unexpected and beautiful real life happening right under your nose, but you missed it while you were waiting for the big “TA-DA”?

Don’t get distracted by the smoke and mirrors.  

Don’t allow your expectations for a moment ruin the real life that is there.

Look for the joy and the beauty in what’s real.  

(I will too.)

to more love,


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