Joy is worth it

Back in 2015, I took a last-minute trip with my friend Brittany to New York City.  Our friend Diana was hosting her annual gala for Nomi Network and SJ was going to be there.  So we just decided to back our bags and go on a fast and furious 2.5 day trip.  We booked our flights, a tiny hotel room, and off we went.  We dressed up fancy for the gala and enjoyed the beautiful evening with friends.

Then we crammed every sight-seeing stop in NYC into two days of nonstop action.

We literally ran from place to place to try to fit it all in.  (Except for the time we got stopped by President Obama’s motorcade on 5th Avenue for the 20 minutes that felt like two hours.) But even that was fun.  We walked quickly through Central Park, toured the 9/11 Memorial Museum, visited Rockefeller Center,  saw the Top of the Rock, met Nancy Lublin, and ate all the fun New York food.

We were on the run, fast and furious, but we were laughing all the way. 

Like every time we saw these silly hats in the subway stations.  While everyone else had their heads down, looking at their phones, busy getting where they were going, we were taking ridiculous posed pictures, pretending to wear these hats.  We were laughing all the way.  Let’s just saw to most New Yorkers in the stations, we were just annoying and in the way.   As we’re preparing for our Derby Party Girls Night Out next week, I remembered this picture, and this little Derby hat, made of tile.

It was a good reminder to me to stop and find the joy.  

Life has been busier than usual for me lately.  I’ve been rushing around with my head down, just trying to survive.  That goofy smile on my face reminded me that, even in the middle of the insane pace of running, girl who can find joy in the subway is still inside me.  I just needed the reminder to invite her to the party.

It’s the same for you. 

Even when you’re rushing through life with a million things on the agenda, there is joy to be found.  Even when everyone else is looking down because they’ve seen that hat a thousand times, you can still find joy in it.  It’s okay to laugh, even when life is a rush, rush, rush to crazy-town all around you.

This note is a friendly reminder to find the joy, wherever you are today.  

Send a ridiculous meme to a friend, with no words, for no reason at all.

Tickle your kiddo before drop off at school.

Pose with the hat that’s tiled to the wall.

It’s okay to have a little fun.  

Joy is worth it.

to more love,


P.S.  We’re going to find ourselves a bit of joy at our “Off To The Races” Derby Party GNO next Thursday while we sip Mint Juleps and make Fascinators.  Come join us (And be quick about it to grab your spot before the prices go up on 4/29!)

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