Signs of peace

Walter, my almost 14 year-old Cavalier puppy, has become a little too fragile to take for long walks.  But my 4 year-old mammoth, mix-bread baby girl, still spins in circles when there’s any mention of “going” anywhere.  She’s ready to run.  So the other day, I left Walter at the door, staring at me with those sad, sad eyes, and snuck down the street with Hartley.  She ran excitedly down the street, nearly bouncing with each prancing step.

She was in her happy place. 

When we reached the secluded spot where I usually slip off her leash and let her run, she suddenly stalled out.  I let her loose and said, “Go get ’em girl!”  to which she usually hauls off in a blaze of glory.  But instead of taking off, she sheepishly sat back and gave me a little whimper.

It was so strange.

I looked all around thinking maybe there was some ferocious beast lurking, that I had somehow missed.  Nothing.  The water was calm.  The sky was clear.  There was barely a breeze.  No snakes.  No duck.  Not even a turtle.

There was only this lone, beautiful feather, resting upright in the grass.

It was taller than it looks in this photo, maybe about 5-6 inches.  It was beautiful and peaceful resting there against the hay-like Texas grass.   I scooped it up and held it out to her to sniff.  A typical reaction would have been excitedly over-sniffing and running off to find this fowl.

But again, she backed up and sat down in the grass.

Oddly, she didn’t seem afraid.  She was at peace, almost trans-like.  I have no idea what was happening in her that night.  Maybe it had nothing to do with the feather at all.  Clearly, I’m no dog whisperer.

But I know this.

It was a reminder, that even in the middle of your normal routine, the places you’ve been a million times, the crazy sprint through the daily grind . . . there are signs of beauty, hope and peace to be found.

You just have to look for them.  

At times, they might hit you in a reverent, overwhelming sort of way.  Other times you may have to stop yourself in the middle of the chaos and intentionally look around to find them.

But they’re resting there.  

Just waiting for you to stop and pay attention.

to more love,


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