Instant vacation

My friend Holly once taught me the best trick.  When she’s adulted too long and needs a break, she hops over to Pinterest to look up funny memes.  Reading them makes her laugh, which brightens her mood and completely changes her perspective. When she first told me about this, I didn’t even have an account on Pinterest so I didn’t think much about it. But there was a day, a few years back, when I really needed a pick-me-up, so I tried it.

It totally works!

It started as a giggle, under my breath.  Then it moved to my belly.  Soon tears were rolling down my face as I read meme after meme.  I didn’t want to stop.  I do it often these days.

Laughter really is an instant vacation from your life.  

“Laughter gives us distance. It allows us to step back from an event, deal with it and then move on.” ~ Bob Newhart  Not only that, the heath benefits of laughter are for real.  It lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormone levels, works your abs, improves cardiac health, boosts T-cells, triggers the release of endorphins, and produces a general sense of well-being.  It’s like a healing balm to your soul.

 So get your laugh on today sister.
Call up a friend who makes you laugh.  Or just hop on Pinterest and look up funny, hysterical, can’t-stop-laughing memes. Then share a couple with your friends on a group text.  It might be random at first, but there’s not a single person in your circle who can’t benefit from a laugh today.  It will brighten more than your day.
It will heal your body and shift your perspective.
You could use a little more laughter in your life.  Am I right?
to more love,


P.S.  Now that the holiday is over, it’s time to get that sitter lined up and get registered for Girls Night Out this Thursday!  It’s not too late to reset your September at Laughter Yoga GNO.

The goal of laughter yoga is to breathe and to laugh, not because anyone has cracked a joke, but because laughter is a playful, social, contagious thing. The “yoga” label is a bit of a misnomer. There are no downward dogs or inversions, just people coming together, for a short session of laughter.  And it has become something of a global phenomenon.” ~ Sebastien Gendry

“There are serious benefits of Laughter Yoga.  Laughter yoga is a new twist on an ancient practice. Not only does it increase happiness, but it also strengthens the immune system, reduces pain and lowers stress. More contagious than a cough or sneeze, laughter relaxes the whole body.” ~ Jennifer Wegerer

image cred: Meggie Taylor

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