Showing up is the hardest part

Just show up ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories

It’s Friday, and I’m ready for the weekend.  How about you? As I look back at the week and ahead to the weekend, the moments that stand out the most are the moments of true connection.

I got to hug my girlfriend Kelly at the boy’s tennis camp, that I’d previously only known via Facebook.  In less than twenty minutes, we cried, we laughed, we both felt seen and we encouraged each other in our businesses.

Kelly showed up.

I chatted with Elizabeth, who is joining us for the July Girl’s Night Out.  The way her story fuels her passion to help people understand themselves and why they show up in the world the way do, blows my mind.  Our conversation was meant to be about content for the GNO, but because of her open heart and incredible wisdom, that one conversation taught me something about myself I needed to see.  As a bonus, it gave me a more clear direction for the GNO. She will attest that she had to pry me off the phone.  I would have stayed on for the rest of the day, soaking up her wisdom.

Elizabeth showed up.

I had an impromptu call with my friend Toni yesterday that encouraged both of our hearts.  Because she was, as she always is, open to just get straight to the heart.  No need for small talk.  “How are you doing?” I mean, how are you really doing.  

Toni showed up.

Today, I get to meet another friend in person I’ve only met via Facebook until now.  Guess why?  She showed up!  I sent Hannah a message saying I loved her fun funky style.  You know what she did?  She replied with an invitation to bring my boys over to meet hers!  It wasn’t “Let’s meet for a safe, short coffee date.”  It was come on over sister!  Let’s dive in!

Hannah showed up.

Are you noticing a theme?  When I look back on the highlights of my week, they are all moments of deeper connection.  Moments of vulnerability.  Authenticity.

It wasn’t all serious and deep though.

Believe me, I would die.  There were a lot of smiles, laughs and hugs.  And those are the things we will remember.

What do you remember about your week?

Good or bad, I’m guessing it’s the authentic connections you made with people.  That’s the stuff our lives and memories are made of.  We need to do a little more of that.

Showing up is the hardest part.  

The rest is just the busy, the tasks, the to-do lists.  The forgettable.  There will always be time to squeeze that stuff in.  Let’s focus on the stuff that really matters.

Like showing up for people.

to more love,



  1. Crystal, I do just love you! Cannot wait to see you and the boys!

    1. Likewise sister! Can’t wait! Love you too.

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