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~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStoriesMy Mother’s Day present this year was to take the boys to the lake, rent a boat and try (again) to teach them to water ski.  (No, I am not uber-hip mom who teaches her young boys to wake board.  I’m an old school, two-skis-and-a-rope, kind of gal.)

So we rented a boat off the internet site unseen.  

While we were waiting at the dock a boat from about 1991 pulled up on a trailer.  Scott and I both awkwardly looked the other way. . . hoping. . . and praying this wasn’t our rental.  Seconds later Scott’s phone rings, “We’re here!”.  Oh boy.

We sputtered out of the marina and across the lake, waving up to all the fun people on their fancy ski boats.  We circled through the cove where all the party people had connected their yachts and somehow synced their radio stations to play loudly.

And we waved proudly from our little brown boat.

Any adult pride we might’ve had, was shattered beyond belief, but the boys were none the wiser.  We were boating and they loved it!

We eventually found a quiet little cove and jumped in.

Oh dear Nelly!  That water was COLD.  It woke us up and made us feel alive to say the least.

The boys had a wild time riding the tube.  They gave the skis a go, to varying degrees of success.  We skied.  We swam.  We raced.  We belly-flopped.

The best part?

We laughed.  We laughed because the water was cold.  We laughed even harder when we could feel a “warm spot”.  We laughed because the radio didn’t work and we tried to sing Star Wars songs in unison. . . loudly.

Our little boating trip didn’t turn out quite like we planned.

It turned out better. 

It’s funny how life is that way.   We’ll forever have so many fabulous memories of that day that just wouldn’t have been the same on a brand new, fancy ski boat.

As you go about your day today, push through the disappointments.  Look for something good. . . something better than you planned.  Look for laughter.

And expect to find it.  

Your perspective is your choice.  As a result, what you find is your choice too.

to more love,


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