Show up, open up, and play

Finding friends ~ Crystal Gornto | heartstories

We’ve lived in this house for over twelve years.  We bought it shortly after we were married and planned to only live here a little while.

It’s funny how life and time change your plans.  

We’ve been “house shopping” for years ~ always planning to move.  Literally, like six of the twelve years.  I’ve always wanted a house that backed up to trees for the boys to climb and a creek for them to play in. Scott has been looking forward to a more updated house.

Most of all, we’ve wanted to move so the boys would have friends to play with.

We’ve dreamed of them running out the front door to play with friends, and they’ve never had that here.  As it turns out, in the last year or so, we’ve become more content with the idea of just staying where we are.  Now, we’ve finally stayed long enough that the turnover of many of the other houses over the years has brought new kids.  So lately, they’ve been making new friends outside right and left.

I’ve noticed something interesting.

New friends rarely come ring our doorbell asking to play.  Nope, they go outside to play and somehow they all find each other.  It’s like this outward expression that says, “Here I am! I’m out and ready to play.”  Even if they go outside and no one is around, it seems like all they have to do is play around there for a while and inevitably someone surfaces to play.

So that’s exactly what they do.

While we are learning to dig deeper and be more content, the boys are learning such a valuable skill for life and friendship.

Sometimes you just have to show up, open up and play.

What if we all did a little more of that?  What if when you felt like playing, talking or even changing the world, you just showed up?  What if you did a little less worrying about who would be there and what they might think?  What if you stopped waiting for the others to come to you?

What if today, you just decided to show up?

It’s up to you to walk outside and signal the others that you’re ready.

You never know, maybe they’re watching out their window, just waiting on you.

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