She’s up to something

Glennon Doyle Melton Photo by Amy Paulson

This morning, I can’t think of anything but this woman and her love.  If you don’t know Glennon Melton, you’ve been missing out.

Today, I give you the gift of Glennon.

Glennon is brave, kind and full of love.  She is so wise.  She is a blogger from Florida.  She is audacious enough to show up, with her army of Love Warriors, to look fear, uncertainty and despair square in the face and DO SOMETHING.

In December 2015, she led a fundraiser for refugees with a group of friends, through The Compassion Collective, that raised over $1 million in 31 hours!  All with a maximum donation of $25, to prove that together, we can do hard things.

Since then, they’ve raised a total of over $1.4 million for refugee relief. You can read the latest update on the use of those funds here.  Every penny they receive is going directly to support vital, life-saving work:

“Starving people are being fed,
Homeless people are being sheltered,
Freezing people are people warmed,
Drowning people are being saved.”

Today, I want you to meet Glennon, because she’s up to something.

I’m not sure what exactly what, but it’s going to be so good. . . and so loving.  She’s leading a Love Revolution.  She really is and we need to be there.

Here’s the link to her Facebook page.

Will you meet me there at 10:00 today?

Together, we’re taking Mother’s Day back.  Because there’s no such thing as other people’s children.

Compassion Collective - We're taking Mother's Day Back

Show up with me.

Will you?

We can change things, together. 

to more love,


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