Set the table

In early March, I opened an invitation from my friend Wendi to “The Inaugural meeting of the AC3 – Ambitious Chicks Cocktail Club”.  Sounds so fancy, right?  Inside the email, my friend Wendi shared a story about how she used to host the AC3 in Dallas and she’s decided to bring it back to Frisco.

It wasn’t fancy at all.

In fact, in her note she explained, “I have no agenda here other than to be the catalyst for whatever organic connections may arise between you all.”  And for me, that was the mic drop.  I’ve lived long enough to know that when someone as busy doing amazing things as Wendi, feels inspired to connect a specific group of women, I am paying attention, and doing my darn best to show up.  (even if I was over an hour late due to child-taxi obligations)

The laughter, empathy and connections were simply beautiful and so obviously intentional.  

Wendi did the emotional labor of curating and sending the invite.  She created the space.  She “set the table”.   All these ladies (and a few more) made it a priority, and had the courage to show up.

The result, and our gratitude to Wendi, will ripple through time, for years to come. 

You can do this too.  Look around your every day life.  Pay attention to the people you see day in and day out.  What do they need?  Who do you know that they need to know?  Find a way to connect them.  Invite them to something already happening, or host a little meet-up of your own.  It’s not simply throwing a wide net to invite everyone you know.  It’s about connecting specific people who have the potential to serve and support one another.

“The greatest gift you can ever give to another person is to live your own life fully, to shine your light so brightly it reveals to them new possibilities for themselves.” ~ Margie Warrell 

You know people who need to know each other.

Who are they?

Introduce them.

You never know how the world might change as a result.  

It’s worth the effort.

to more love,


P.S. An easy place to start is by inviting them to join you at “Let’s Get Together” GNO this Thursday night.  See you there Sister!

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