Love is generative

This beautiful, warm soul is my new friend Anna.  This was actually the first day we ever met face to face.  We’d chatted by phone and texted multiple times, so by the time we met, I felt like I’d known her forever.

We were meant to be friends.  

One day, I was having coffee with my friend Tonia (our home organizing sponsor) when I mentioned that we were looking for the fourth panelist for our “Let’s Get Together” GNO (this Thursday).  She whipped out her phone, telling me she had the perfect person.  She immediately sent Anna a text, and to my complete surprise, she was down for a chat.  We hopped on the phone later that week and I knew Anna was our girl.

She courageously agreed.

It was courageous for so many reasons, not the least of which is taking the mic, in front of a group of strangers, to share what beauty means to her.  She’ll be sharing how her understanding of beauty has evolved through the years, into the way she sees beauty now.  She’ll also discuss how much she enjoys learning beauty tips and tricks from YouTubers around the world (and how you can too!).

The thing about Anna is, she’s as real and authentic from the get-go as anyone I know. 

She’s not putting on a front. I would imagine Anna has already found that women in Texas are different from women in California. I’m sure there were some nerves in advance of meeting up with our GNO panel for lunch that day, but I certainly couldn’t tell.  She was there to contribute, and meet new friends.  She was there to make something amazing happen.

And that, she did. 

Anna recently moved to Frisco from Los Angeles with Toyota and she’s not messing around.  She’s putting down roots.  Her life with her husband, their two young kids and careers is busy, but she recognizes making new friends is a high priority.  Most of all she’s willing to do the hard, emotional work that it takes to put herself out there and show up vulnerably to make that happen.

Her courage is such a beautiful example to us all. 

She’s showing us what it looks like when women take the risks to support other women.  It turns out that her “yes” to me was also a “yes” to her.  Getting what you need in life, often involves showing up bravely and sharing generously with others.  So if you find yourself feeling lonely, stuck or in need of deeper connection with friends in your life today, remember Anna.    Take a deep breath and do the hard thing.

Do the hard work of putting yourself out there.  

Offer to help a friend.  Do something caring for someone else.  Give someone else the thing you need most.

Love is generative. 

Sharing it doesn’t give you less, it only creates more.

Give some today. 

to more love,


(Come meet Anna at “Let’s Get Together” Girls Night Out this Thursday!  There will be laughter, sharing of beauty routines, and brunch after dark with a mimosa bar to boot.  It will be a night you’ll remember.)

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