Seeds sewn in tears

Seeds sewn in tears ~ Crystal Gornto | heartstories

I met a brand new group of sister friends in my friend Elizabeth’s living room yesterday.  (It’s a long story how I ended up on that couch with new friends, so I’ll save that one for another day.)  We met to start a study called “Entrusted” by Beth Moore and I had no idea what to expect when I walked in, except that I knew and trusted my friend Elizabeth.  But let me just tell you, within five minutes of arriving, two of the ladies there had already opened up to some parts of their stories that are usually reserved for at least date four or five.

They were so open.

I knew, even before we cracked the book or watched the video, that this was my kind of group.  I could tell I was already welcome. I was already trusted, without having to earn it.  This was my kind of space.

Sisters, loving and supporting one another.  

It came as no surprise that once the teaching video started rolling, my pen was scribbling notes faster than I knew my hand could still write.  We only had two pages, and I tell you, there’s not a white spot left to be seen on either one of mine.  I filled up a note card too.

The message was like life to my bones.

This one idea touched me so deeply, because sometimes I have a hard time seeing it myself.  I knew I had to share, because in these crazy, busy, stressed-out seasons of our lives, it’s easy to think the tears we shed are in vain.  Or that our exhaustion is simply the inevitable consequence of not doing it right. (whatever that means)  It’s tempting to question whether all of this growth and becoming isn’t really leading us where we want to go after all.  But here’s what Beth said:

“The soil of every single season is fertile ground.  Your greatest harvest will often come from the seeds you’ve sewn in tears and affliction.”   ~ Beth Moore

So be encouraged sister.

The soil of this season.  Yes, this one.  The one you’re in right now.  The soil of this season is fertile.  It may look dry and cracked. Your tears may be the only sign of life.  And if that’s the case, let them fall.

But keep sewing seeds. 

When you feel worn out and tired of the fight, keep planting what you want to grow.  When you’re desperate for an answer that just won’t come, through your tears, plant one more seed.   And when you can’t see any fruit from all your labor, let your tears fertilize that soil even more.

Your harvest is coming.

It’s coming and It’s not too late.  It’s right on time.

It may not look the way you expected it to.   You may have thought you were sewing wheat and you might find bright yellow corn instead.  But all of your tears and hard work are going to reap a harvest.

It’s going to be your greatest one yet. 

If you’ll only keep sewing. . . even through tears.

to more love,


P.S.  This is why we get together for our Girl’s Nights.  We show up remind each other we’re never alone.  You should come join us.


  1. Lovely post friend. I need to hear this today!

    1. Oh I’m so glad you did then Leigh. 😘

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