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Put on your birthday shoes ~ Crystal Gornto | Heartstories

We took my friend Steph to a fabulous new restaurant last week for her birthday called SixtyVines.  I arrived early and if you know me, that is a complete shocker. . . for real.  (I don’t do early.)  So I got a chance to check the place out.  I was sitting on a fun bench with another friend when Steph made her debut in her birthday shoes.

I had to snap this pic.

There is something about Steph, wearing those shoes, that brightened up the whole place.  She was glowing, with gorgeous hair, sparkling eyes, a joyful smile and her shoes were simply the perfect finishing touch.  It was like she walked in with agreement, that yes, this was the night to celebrate her life.

It was so beautiful, pure and fun.

Every time I’ve seen this pic since then, it’s made me smile.  It makes me want to get some ‘birthday shoes” and step out with the quiet confidence that I’m worth celebrating.  It makes me want to sparkle and shine a pure light, without worrying whether the world is ready or not.

That’s what love does.

When Love sees someone stepping out in their beauty, it celebrates.  It doesn’t judge. It overcomes any fear and worry about acceptance.  It gives you courage to put on our own birthday shoes and take that first step.  It reminds you that your special sparkle is needed.

Because the world is too dark without it.  Without you.

So put on your birthday shoes today sister, at least in your mind.  Your life is a beautiful celebration and we need to see you shine!

to more love,


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