Run for the roses

All the pieces are coming together beautifully for our “Off To The Races” Derby style GNO one week from tonight.  In fact, I thought I was WAY ahead of the game when all the “Spring floral” was on sale at Michaels a month ago and I purchased a giant bag of roses.  Then I bought all the headbands, feathers, mesh and ribbon in little chunks along the way.  We had the fascinator supplies completely knocked out.

It’s funny how often things don’t play out the way we expected them to in our minds.

That certainly played out for us when Sunny picked up all the flowers at storage and dropped off “one of each color” for me to use when I do the trial run to make my own fascinator hat.  I had my color scheme figured out in my mind based on the feathers, headbands, mesh, ribbons and of course . . . the red roses.  But when I looked in the bag she brought, there was a white rose, a light pink rose, a peachy colored rose and a hot pink rose.

Where was my red rose? 

A text exchange quickly revealed that in all my “ahead of the game” planning, I’d purchased an entirely different color scheme of flowers, than I had purchased of everything else to with them.  Because I was already out, and my week is completely packed, before I head out for the 4th grade field trip to San Antonio next week, I made a run for the roses.  Literally.  I thought I would drive over to Michaels, but on my way, I passed a Dollar Tree.  I tried to look away and stay focused, because I have a slight tendency to get distracted.  The chance that they had red roses, and as many as I would need was low.

But I pulled in any way. 

I made the firm decision that I would run in and look (for roses only!) and run right back out.  No exaggeration, I got out of my car at 8:30 AM and ran from the parking lot into the Dollar Tree, like there was some sort of extreme emergency.  Just as I approached the entrance, I could see an entire class of people in the gym window next store.  They were working out, but looking at me with a side-eye wondering what in the world was happening.

Never-you-mind.  I am on a mission. 

It turns out the Dollar Tree had roses.  They had droves of them and they’re beautiful.  I could have started and ended my supply search there!  When I got back in the car, I snapped this picture for Sunny to prove I completed my run for the roses.  Which is, maybe not so ironically, the nickname for The Kentucky Derby.

It didn’t turn out the way I planned or expected it to.

It turned out better.  

The next time you feel disappointed because things didn’t go as planned.  Or when it feels like the things you planned so well, are falling apart in front of your eyes.

Be open to look in the most unlikely, unexpected place. 

Don’t dismiss it all as lost.  Make peace with what is.  Stay curious about how things are going to play out.

Go anyway.

Make a run for the roses.

to more love,


(There are only 3 days left before the ticket prices increase on Monday.  Grab yours today.  “Off To The Races” GNO in Frisco is only ONE week away!)

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