Only one hat at a time

This blog was silent for 3 days in a row.  That’s a record since January of 2015!  I’ve been writing every weekday for more than 3 years, with few exceptions.  It’s a practice and a commitment, both to you and to myself.

But this week. . .

This week I made a conscious choice to call this one in advance.  I don’t always know my limits, but thank goodness I anticipated this one.  I went on a field trip with 70+ fourth graders to tour Texas, learning all about our state’s history and beauty.  We toured the underground caverns, The San Jose Mission, The Alamo, The State Capitol, and several fascinating museums by bus, all while staying at a fun campground with all sorts of interesting things to do.  I made the trip last year, and got up to write every day.

Clearly, I was in a different place last year.  

I got up to write every day of this field trip last year.  Maybe I’m a year older, and that makes a giant difference.  Maybe it’s #allthethings going on with the house and moving.  Maybe it’s because I knew I’d wake up my roomies on this trip.

I’m not exactly sure what the difference was going in.

But somehow, I knew that my early writing wake-up time wasn’t going to be the best choice on this field trip.   After my 11PM arrival home last night (leaving early to be home to prepare for the The Derby-Style  “Off To The Races” GNO tonight) I knew I’d made the right decision.  That trip required every last ounce I had to give.

As soon as my head hit the pillow, I rested in that confirmation. 

The point is . . . as mamas, wives, sisters, friends, and contributors to this world, we women wear a lot of different hats.  We balance all our roles like it’s nobody’s business.  This trip was reminder to me that sometimes, I simply can’t do it all.

Neither can you.  

Oh you can do a lot of things all at once, no doubt.  But sometimes you have to accept “the exceptions” with loads of grace and just keep going, doing the next right thing.  Come to think of it, maybe it was the idea of wearing a Derby Fascinator hat for Girls Night Out tonight that helped make that clear.

Wearing two fascinator hats at a time would not be great Derby Style. 

In fact, it would completely ruin the beauty, the statement, and the entire point.

Choose your hat for this moment. 

Only wear one at a time.

to more love,


(Obviously, if you’re local, you need to join us tonight for all the fun as we share and celebrate the beauty of dreaming impossible dreams! We’re saving you a seat, right here.)

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