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Replace the noise.  Show love.  HeartStories

This time of year can be especially joyful and especially painful at the same time.

When the year is drawing to a close, we gather with family and friends, we often get time to reflect and plan and we celebrate.  What I’ve noticed is that in all of the festivities, it’s easy to let my internal negative soundtrack get out of control.

I judge myself for not being kind enough to my family.  I compare my year to the years of others.  I feel like I’m not doing enough.

Something I’ve found to be true over and over is that it’s hard to be critical of myself when I’m focused on truly loving others.    

It’s amazing how shifting the focus off of myself, and onto the people in my life, almost instantly kills the negative soundtrack.  It’s like all the criticism dissipates, then disappears, in a heart full of love.

It sounds over simplified and to some extent, it probably is.  But it’s proven true in my life time and time again.

When you start feeling down and discouraged, the best remedy is to go love somebody well.  

It really is.

Try it.  (I will too)

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