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Our best years, HeartStories

It’s the last day of 2015.  That can be stressful and exciting.  Today, you might be celebrating huge accomplishments, milestones and incredible experiences.  You might be realizing some hopes for this year that didn’t come to pass.  You might be in wonder of how 2015 is gone in a flash, just like that.

Most likely, you’re experiencing some of each of these today, and the feelings that accompany them.

I know I am.  It’s been a wonderful year.  I’ve made huge progress in some areas.  I have so much to be thankful for, so many amazing gifts that light up my heart with joy.

There are also some things I longed for, heading into 2015, that didn’t happen.   Some things didn’t go the way I hoped they would.  It’s sad to close the chapter on those.  It’d be easy to let that sadness turn to fear about what 2016 holds.

But instead, I’m choosing to trust that my best year is still ahead.

I’ve experienced hope, joy and connection in ways I never dreamed possible.  I’ve learned from failure.  I know more about what I want my life to look like and I have a better understanding of how to get there.  I’m more determined than ever.  I also have a larger reservoir of empathy to share with others, with you.  I’m a different person than I was at the start of 2015.

You are too. 

And that’s a really good thing.

You are stronger.  You are wiser.  You are kinder.  You are more loving.

Our best years aren’t our easiest years, they are our most meaningful years.

Today, thank 2015 for who it made you and look to 2016 with hopeful expectation.

This year, you’re going to shine your light.

I can’t wait to see!

to more love,



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