Remember her?

My friend Amy posted a black and white image on Instagram this week of a little girl in her swimsuit, full-on playing in the rain.  In a wide leg stance, eyes shut, arms and mouth wide open, she’s wholly in the moment.  I can almost hear her yelling, “YES!  Bring it on!!”  The caption read:

“REMEMBER HER?  She’s still there . . . inside you . . . waiting.  Let’s go get her.”

It stopped me in my tracks.  I DO remember her!  Just looking at this picture of my Dad, my sisters and me, takes me instantly back to that house.  I remember those strange furry window coverings.  I remember the blue couch and endless playing in that room.  I remember that strawberry-blonde-mulleted, freckle faced, little tomboy who loved to wear hats, and lace.  I remember that if I even got an inkling that you were up for some kind of adventure, we were going to be thick as thieves. (that part is still true today, btw)  That little free-spirited girl who adored her Daddy and didn’t have one single care in the world.

I bet you remember her too. 

I have no doubt that there’s a time in your childhood when you remember feeling light, curious, and carefree.  It’s healthy to want to go back and feel that again.  It makes sense to want to bring parts of her along on today’s journey.  The joy, curiosity, naiveté, and ALL the energy.  But in reality, none of us really want to go back to being a little girl.  We wouldn’t really want to begin all over again.

What we’re looking for is that sense of carefree living.

I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s likely that same sense of a completely carefree living isn’t going to be back anytime soon, or maybe ever at all.  What’s yours and mine to do now is to bring it back in moments.  Bring her back in moments.  It’s on us to intentionally create moments in the middle of our crazy-busy lives to relish in joy, curiosity, and a sense of naiveté.

You’ll find renewed energy there.  

I’m certainly not an expert on creating loads of margin.  But I know for sure that purposefully scheduling time to circle up with the safe people in your life, the ones who “feel like sunshine”, feels spacious and free.  It’s often so hard to do, but once you decide to show up for it, it brings back the parts of that little girl you’ve been looking for.

It’s precisely why I created the HeartStories GNO

To help women like you schedule the time and the space to be carefree with the safe people in your life.   That’s why it’s a done-for-you monthly girls night out, already on the calendar.  It’s our way of making those intentional moments easy and readily available.

And it works.

But you certainly don’t have to attend our GNO’s to experience it.  You can create it on your own.  The key is simple: scheduling moments of consistent “play” time with safe people, the girlfriends who know and love you, exactly as you are.  It’s easier said than done, but it’s worth it.

If you’re looking for that joy of that little girl, you’ll find her there. 

Take the first step.

Circle up your friends and play!

to more love,


P.S. It’s presumptuous to think all that of us want to go back and be her at the exact age of the girl in that pic.  I have dear friends who faced deep struggle at about her age.  But there is so much value in going back to get her, in a different way.   The grown up, strong woman you are now, can go back in your mind to protect her with the wisdom and experience you now have.  You can let her know she’s safe now, she’s valued, and precious.  You’ve got her now.   This is a practice, that while intense, surprised me one day by guiding me back to that beautiful place.  There’s also so much value in reinforcing your hard-won wisdom and strength by intentionally celebrating joy in your grown up moments now.   Celebrat that you’re strong enough, and wise enough to protect her now.

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