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Precious Moments, brothers | HeartStoriesWhen I was a kid my mom collected these little ceramic figurines called Precious Moments.  They each represented a “precious moment” in time, like a wedding, a new baby, a trip to Disney, oh, and I can’t leave out the Free Puppies! We’d scour garage sales, look for ads in the newspaper, and stop random strangers asking if they had any they wanted to sell.  Seriously.

It was quite an obessesion.

What’s funny is that in the past few weeks, I’ve caught myself saying “precious moments” several times.  Not in search of a cute little figurine, but to document a moment that’s worth remembering.  Sort of like a bookmark in time.   They’re the moments I’d love to take a mental snapshot of and keep in my heart forever.

We had one of those moments over the weekend as we were walking into the urgent care center to get stitches after Oakley smashed his finger in the door.  Noah was doing everything he knew how to do to help Oakley get distracted from the pain.  He kept putting an ipad right in his face (much to my dismay and impatience ;-().

He had the purest of intentions to help his hurting brother.

Then as we were walking out of triage into the treatment room, Noah walked right beside Oakley with his arm around his shoulder, taking good care of him.  It was a moment I hope I will always remember.

A precious moment in my mind.  

Then last night as I was tucking Oakley in, having a precious moment of our own, Noah came running to tell us that he had something he really wanted to talk with us about.   So I joined him and Scott to have a beautiful conversation that none of us will ever forget.  It was most definitely a precious moment.

As these moments pass in my life, I’m reminded just how precious they are.  I don’t have them all day, everyday, but when I do, I want to remember them.  Like taking mental snapshots.

It’s easy to let the stress and the hurry run our lives, but the precious moments in-between are the ones that really matter.

Take some mental snapshots of your precious moments today.

It might take some clearing of the lens with a few deep breaths, but it will be worth it.

to more love,


Precious Moments "Free Puppies" the figurine we spend YEARS looking for, and finally found. ;-)

Precious Moments “Free Puppies” the figurine we spend YEARS looking for, and finally found. 😉

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