Okay Monday, Let’s do this!

Ok Monday, let's do this.  #motivationmonday | HeartStories

It’s Monday.  I can tell it’s Monday because I’m sitting at my computer with my fingers on the keys, but they’re not wanting to move.  I think my body got up, but my brain stayed on my pillow.

Maybe this is the whole reason for the hashtag #MotivationMonday.

It feels like the weekend just flew by.  All those things on my list to get done (like finding someone to fix the light that’s been out in my closet for two straight weeks!), just didn’t happen.  The toys aren’t upstairs, they’re still on the entry table, the list could go on, and on.  I didn’t even make it to the grocery store.

But Monday showed up, this morning. . . Thank goodness.

It’s a fresh start to a new week.  Monday mornings like this are a reminder that I get to choose how I spend it, how I live it.  Because the biggest difference between a dragging, tired, yawning Monday morning and a vibrant, energetic, awake Monday morning is between my ears.  I get to choose.

No, I have to choose.  

I can choose to walk out of my office late, rushed, cranky and tired, letting that set the tone for Monday for my week and my family.  OR I can choose to finish on time, drink a little extra water, get a little caffeine, take some long, deep breaths, turn on positive music and show up the way I want this week to go.  Totally my choice.

It’s your choice too.  

I don’t know what your weekend held.  Maybe it was long and full of hard, emotional work.  Or maybe it was relaxing and enjoyable. Either way, today is a new day and with each new morning, the ball is in your court.

Of course, you can’t control your circumstances, but your attitude, your words and your actions are completely up to you.

Grab some water, stretch, take a deep breath.

It’s Monday and only you can make it a good one.

We’ve got this, together.  

to more love,



  1. I wish I could start every day off like this. I have these little to-do things that are on the back burner for months. They seem to pile up and never end! Just like you’re closer light! HA!

    1. Me too! Ha! It’s so true. We all do! Some are a little bigger than others. 😉 Thanks for reading. Love your blog!

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