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When Oaks jumped in the car after football practice last night I said, “I’m sorry if I smell like coffee.  I went to work in a coffee shop instead of waiting out here in the hot car in this 100 degree heat.”   He said, “No problem. I don’t even smell it.”  Then as we were crossing the bridge out of the stadium parking lot he said, “How much did you make?”

How much what??? 

“How much money did you make?”  For a minute I was totally confused.  Then he said, “How much did they pay you?”  It instantly clicked and I laughed out loud.  He thought I went to work for the coffee shop during practice.   Hysterical.  I explained and we both laughed together.

It opened up a great conversation about entrepreneurship.

We talked about how, at HeartStories, money doesn’t come in for incremental, hourly work.  But instead, I’m building a long bridge that will span over a lifetime.  I explained that while I was in the coffee shop, I talked with a couple of people about sponsorships: a orthodontist, our chiropractor and a spa.  Then I reminded him of a few of our current sponsors: a law firm partner (the lovely Laura above), a med spa owner, a realtor, a hair salon owner, a custom jewelry designer, a massage spa owner, a make-up artist, florists, photographers and many more.  He said,

“Oh!  So your sponsors are all people who help people.”

Yes!  Yes baby.  That’s exactly right.  I’m so incredibly intentional about who I invite into our space as sponsors and of course, they’re all people who bring value to the girls night out events and to the lives of the women attending.  But he cleared all the clutter and streamlined it into one simple sentence.

Our sponsors are all people who help people. 

Even if they don’t provide a service, they are all the kind of people who have a heart to serve others with their products.  I can tell you story after story of how our sponsors came into our community and why they are passionate about serving women.  Not kidding. . . every single one of them. It’s like a clear magnetic draw.

People who have a genuine heart to serve others know when they find each other.  

Think about the people you buy products and services from.  Do they care about you?  Or are they only in it to make a buck?  It’s easy to see the difference.

Make choices to partner with the helpers as often as you can.  

You’re building a bridge.

to more love,


P.S.  Photo cred goes to Meggie Taylor for the image of Laura & I above.  (We got all the images back from last month and will share ASAP!)  As I was looking at them last night, I said to Scott how clearly you can see Meggie’s heart through her photography.  It’s not a job to her.  It’s her joy to serve and it’s obvious, in her work.  Case in point.

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