No one left remembering alone

When we remember alone ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories

In America today, many people are gathered in backyards, around lakes and barbecue grills, enjoying a long weekend with family and friends, remembering those who gave their lives in service for the freedoms of this nation.  The traditional practice of gathering at the graves to remember, surrounded by family and friends, has been lost to many of us as we’re spread so far and wide.  So most of us gather with friends close by and enjoy a day of rest from our busy, hectic lives.

But today I wonder what would happen if we stopped to notice those who are remembering alone.  

Look around, even in your mind’s eye.  Think about the people in your life who might be spending this day alone.  And reach out. Invite them over.  Invite them in.  Pull up another chair.

There’s always room for one more. 


Even if we can’t keep the tradition of gathering at the graves, let’s keep the tradition of reconnecting.  Let’s unite as brothers and sisters to remember.  No man, woman, or family, left behind.

Let’s honor their service by remembering together.  

No one left remembering alone.

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