Meet Chelsey, your guide to more Thoughtful Gatherings

The themes for our monthly Girls Night Out emerge from lots of listening and paying attention to what is going on in the lives of the women we serve.  So as soon as there were rumors of fall around the bend, and the energy of the holidays began to rumble.  We knew this first week of November would be perfect for guiding women through some intentional conversations about the holidays.

We needed someone who could guide us to chart a course for the all the gatherings ahead.  

It seems like we always have grand schemes and visions for how the holiday gatherings will go down, and mostly we are sorely disappointed. . . not to mention, often literally sore, from head (& heart) to toe.   We decorate the table, the mantel and the front porch like nobody’s business.  We prepare the most delectable, Pinterest-worthy menus.  We light the candles and set the mood.

But once the doorbell rings, we expect the rest to just fall into place.

Of course everyone else will do their part.  Of course the conversation will naturally flow to gratitude for everything and everyone we so clearly have to be grateful for.   The kids will surely behave like perfect angels, practicing all their manners.  Obviously your aunts, uncles, cousins and in-laws will get along famously and enjoy chatting politely about current events and politics.

I’m guessing you realize that’s probably not, exactly how it’s going to go down. 

We spend so much time planning the date, the decorations and the meals, and somehow we miss putting much intention into the experience we’ll have once we are all gathered.  I knew this was THE thing we needed to guidance on leading into this season.

But who in the world could lead us? 

I made my mental list of this woman I was looking for.  And then I chuckled. . .  It’s not really life coaching.  It’s not therapy.  It’s not really party planning.

It had to be someone who knew the value of the experience of the “togetherness”. 

Someone with a fire in her belly and her heart for making each moment count.  Someone with wisdom from the journey to share with joy and laughter and deep empathy and understanding.  It had to be someone who was living the same insane pace and daily grind our community lives.  Was there any chance this woman existed?  It turns out she does.  

Meet Chelsey Arnal, your guide to more Thoughtful Gatherings.

She’s a serial entrepreneur with several successful businesses under her belt.  She’s an expert on everything from destination wedding planning to creating bucket lists with your family.   She literally owns businesses called Thoughtful Traditions and Celebrate Randomly!  Did I mention she’s our person?

But wait, there’s more.  

“I never imagined infertility, cancer or even adoption would be part of our story but it has made me stronger, more patient, and I am unexpectedly grateful for the trials we have endured. These trials have compelled me to be very intentional about how I spend my limited time here on this earth.  Through thoughtful living we are able to become the best versions of ourself allowing us to cultivate a legacy we are proud to share with our children. . . 

As a multi passionate entrepreneur my heart is often running in different directions but I believe that life and my accumulated passions have led me here and I finally feel at home.” ~ Chelsey Arnal

As always, it’s her incredible story that makes her the perfect guide to lead us on this journey together. 

Even if you can’t join us next Thursday in person for the GNO, you can join us THIS Thursday on Facebook live! (just turn on notifications for our page with that little “follow button”) Chelsey and I will chat about her story and she’ll share pearls of wisdom to help you create Thoughtful Gatherings that cultivate gratitude around your table this holiday season.

You don’t want to miss this.

to more love,


P.S. It’s not too late to get your ticket for next Thursday!  Rally your girlfriends and head on over to Thoughtful Gatherings Girls Night Out to learn more.

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