Gather for rest

Before the homecoming game on Friday night, families were meeting all over town at fun restaurants, happening patios, and up at the Railyard, to tailgate before the game.  I had mixed feelings about all of it.  I was waffling back and forth.  The party side of me wanted to be part of the fun scene with the loud music and all the energy before the game.  The tired-Friday-night-mama side of me was exhausted from the week and wanted to lay low with close friends.  After much deliberation on group text, we ended up at a neighborhood pavilion with pizza, on couches, while the kids played in the empty field nearby.

Laying low with friends for the win!

I’m sure we missed a fabulous time at all the tailgate parties. But we found refuge and rest in the easy conversation gathered around pizza with mis-matched paper plates watching the spectacular sunset.  We caught up on each other’s weeks.  We laughed often while talking about life, kids, and work. . . all the things.  It was just what the doctor ordered.

It was a vivid reminder that the best gatherings don’t have to be elaborately planned. 

They can be thrown together at the last minute, with mismatched plates and pizza delivery.  The only requirement is that you show up, together.  You have to gather, with other humans.  Sometimes that means you have to pull yourself out of whatever funk you’re in, just enough to be honest about where you are.  (Truth be told, all I wanted was to go to bed.) But if we’d all pretended we were up for the party on Friday night, we would have ended up small-talking over loud music and missed the connection that happened on those couches.

But instead we met where we were, and our souls were fed. 

Next time you feel the need to put on the big elaborate gathering, or attend the rockin’ party, but you simply don’t feel up for it, consider saying so.

You might find out that you’re not the only one.  

Then you can gather with your people and find rest.

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