Mammograms & Mimosas

A few months ago, at our Sunday evening small group gathering, it somehow came up that all the girls were soon due for our mammograms.  There were a few moments of shared drudgery before someone exclaimed, “Let’s do it together! Mammograms & Mimosas!”  We made a pact to follow-up with our due dates and book our appointments together.  Well, all of us except Karris, of course, who pledged to be our warrior cheerleader.  Of course, it didn’t work out for everyone to make it all at once, but for those who could, we booked our appointments in back to back slots, and called it a date.

Shock of all shocks, this year, we were all actually looking forward to our mammograms!

Yesterday, was our day.  We arrived separately and giggled with greetings as we met in the quiet waiting room.  I was the first to be called back to the “locker room”, given my cape, asked to choose a locker for my belongings and wait on the couch.  As soon as the nurse left, it was completely quiet.  I slide the curtain with the metal rings across the bar and began undressing.  The familiar experience of removing my warm jacket, sweater and bra to put on that cold, open-in-the-front cape was an abrupt reminder of why we decided to do this together.  I selected my locker and sat alone on the sterile couch in the quiet waiting room.  That’s when I remembered somberly, for just a moment, why I was there.

I noticed how alone I felt.  

But that feeling was instantly buffered by the smiles and laughter of friends joining me on the couch, one by one.  We snuggled close and that couch got warmer.  We shared moment by moment updates, ridiculous selfies, and cheesy hashtags in our group text, to keep the ones who couldn’t join us engaged.  We made quite the ruckus with our laughter and snuggles on that couch, until each of us was finished.  We threw our street clothes back on and left in a cloud of chatter.  Then we filled our hearts with sunshine and our bellies with the delicious healthy food at UP Inspired Kitchen.

Together we clinked our glasses to good food and good health. . . until next year. 

We talked about real life on many levels.   When we left, we all felt a little less alone.  What is typically an isolating experience that most women do not look forward to, became a little mid-week party, full of life and joy for us yesterday.

Sure, it took more effort. 

Coordinating a larger group isn’t easy.  But it was worth every second.  Doing life together makes everything better.  It’s a matter of being intentional.   Doing it on purpose.

What’s an experience on your calendar that you are dreading?

Consider inviting a few girlfriends.

Everything is better when you’re laughing. . . or at least close enough to hold hands.  

to more love,


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