Let curiosity get the best of you

They put the windows in our new house yesterday, so it’s suddenly starting to take shape and look like a real home. (Yay!)  I ran the boys by after school to check it out.  I was so excited to see it that I wanted to get out and walk through it, even though it was bitter cold outside.  I zipped up my coat and they both assured me they’d stay in the car.  But pretty soon I heard the sound of one boy coming up the unfinished stairs, quickly followed by the voice of another.

Curiosity got the best of them too!

It’s strange how a gaping hole in the side of a wood framed room isn’t nearly as interesting as the view from an actual window.  This one couldn’t help but stare and smile while going on and on about his beautiful new view.  They went running through the place looking at all the windows before running back to the car to get out of the wind.  But I couldn’t, because it turns out, the electric was all in too.  There were switches and light mounts and plumbing lines everywhere! As I looked around, one thing led to another and I in not time flat, I was immersed in following every yellow wire to its end.  That led me out to the back porch, then the side yard where I was checking out the soffit light locations when I heard Noah, back inside the house saying “Mom!  Where are you?!?” 

My instant reaction was shame. 

Oh gosh, I’m sorry baby, I got distracted.  I tend to do that sometimes.  But then I felt a little a shift in my mind.  No. I’m actually not sorry.  I’m curious.  I want to explore, I want to learn and be informed in this process.  And that’s okay.

In fact, that’s a really good thing.

So boys, you’re going to need to wait until I’m finished.  Mama wants to look at all of it.  

After I finished, we stopped by the creek on the way home.  They wanted to drive up near the edge to see if any of it was still frozen.  It wasn’t, but that was all the encouragement they needed to jump out and go exploring at the crossing point.  After about 20 minutes of that, mama was ready to go.  Enough already with the exploration boys!  It’s almost time for dinner.  Then, sitting in my toasty warm car, the irony hit me and I smiled.

And I let them explore a while longer.  

“One thing life has taught me: if you are interested, you never have to look for new interests. They come to you. … All you need to do is to be curious, receptive, eager for experience. And there’s one strange thing: when you are genuinely interested in one thing, it will always lead to something else.”  ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

What interests you? 

What are you curious about? 

We’re quick to judge ourselves for paying attention to what interests us.  But maybe it’s not a distraction.  Maybe it’s important.  Maybe it’s where you’ll find your passion.

Pay attention to that. 

Be curious and receptive.  Be a little more gentle with yourself and others.  True curiosity is the beginning of loving well.

If you’re feeling stuck, maybe you just need to explore a little while longer.  

to more love,


(We’ll be doing a little exploration of our own at the “Love it Out” Girls Night Out on the 1st of February.  Come explore at GNO with us!)

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