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Last night, the local Masteller clan loaded up into a party bus to see Dallas from the top of Reunion Tower and tour Christmas lights.  It sounds so civilized, doesn’t it?


The craziness started on pick-up when we rushed out from dinner, only to find the wrong bus had arrived to pick us up.  It’s a very long story, but my sister Kim provided the bus for us as a gift and it had been less-than-easy from the beginning.  Because of the chaos of the holidays, she’d ended up having to pay (a lot of money) for an upgraded bus to get the night we wanted.

The bus that arrived was not the upgraded bus.  


This began an hour and a half adventure to a bus barn trade-off in Dallas. . . with lots of wild dancing.  When we finally boarded the right bus, it was time for the hot cocoa and cookies.  Which became an obstacle course all it’s own ~ trying to serve hot chocolate to a bus full of people, including toddlers, while barreling down the highway, was the opening act in our three-ring-circus.

While  Kim and her daughter Sophia were trying to fill the cups, we began laughing hysterically.  

Hot Chocolate and kids were flying everywhere.  Someone sat on her entire bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies and crunched them to smithereens.  Just then Kim said, “All we can do is laugh.  If we don’t laugh, we’ll cry.” She followed that up with, “I feel like I’ve been saying that all year.”   And she probably has.  Kim has started two new businesses in the last year with her family.  It’s been an adventure, to say the least.

It’s that laughter that keeps her sane.  


As you enter into this Christmas weekend, remember the bus barn, the spilled hot chocolate, and the freshly smashed cookie crumbs.   


Remember to laugh.

When things don’t go the way you have them planned, laugh.  When the same-old family bickering starts in the kitchen, try to laugh.  When the dog eats the ham and the pie catches fire in the oven, laugh.

It won’t solve the world’s problems, but it will give you the strength you need to keep going.

And it will make your memories so much better.

to more love,




  1. Love you Crystal!!!

    1. Thank you Dad. Love you too!

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