Hope can still be found


When I write in the mornings, I usually tell stories of my own experiences.  Which means that often, you’re at the mercy of hearing about what I did yesterday or something my kids did earlier in the week.  But I also consider world events or holidays, and what you might be feeling or going through at the time.

That’s one reason Facebook can be so wonderful.

As I peruse Facebook, I find myself in a raging sea of emotions, all over the spectrum.  This week in my feed, extremes exist in all experiences of the holidays.  Mothers and grandmothers are baking cookies with their littles.  Single mamas are desperately sad to be alone, without their babies.  A sister is sitting beside her ailing brother in a hospital room, praying hard and holding his hand.  A family is singing and celebrating, looking at lights.  Visits with mall Santas abound.  A friend is grieving while she lays a loved one to rest.  Candlelight vigils hold hope for two family’s daughters to be healed.  All while Christmas lights twinkle in the background.

Our stories are not all the same, but we’re all connected, especially at Christmastime.

We’re all looking for the light of Christmas.  We’re looking for the hope that Christmas brings.  We can try to recreate it with all the electric lights and shiny things we can find.  But we won’t find it in a twinkling star, above a wooden manger scene.  It’s not in the angel on the top of the tree.  It’s not in the light shows and houses all set aglow.  

When the baby was born in the manger, He brought the light of hope to you and me.

It was the birth of Love.  Love that lives on inside of us.  The only Light that can bring true hope in the middle of darkness.

The only Light of the World. 

This week as I celebrate that Light, my prayer is that you’ll see it, notice it and celebrate it too.  I pray that the Light of Love will fill you with the hope and peace we’re all looking for this Christmas, no matter where you are.

I pray Love will light your way.  

If you’re looking for a little hope this Christmas, follow the light of Bethlehem’s star.  It will lead you to the real baby born in that manger scene. His light is still shining in the darkest places.  It’s still bringing hope to those who seek it.

Love was born so hope can still be found.  

to more Love this Christmas,



  1. Wonderful message of truth!!!

    1. Thank you Dad! Love you!

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