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Kim and Crystal Sisters sharing secrets at Girl's Night Out~ Crystal Gornto | heart stories

You know that moment when you introduce your sister to your tribe of women and she proceeds to tell all the stories about you that you thought were long swept under the rug and forgotten, about police searches and such?

That was this moment for me at our GNO last night.

Well, maybe you don’t have that exact same moment, but I bet you know the feeling.  The feeling of facing something you thought was over.   That moment you’re reminded of something embarrassing or even shameful about your past that you thought was long forgotten.  We all have those stories and those moments we are reminded of who we used to be.  But I have good news for you sister.

That’s the moment you get to choose.

That’s the moment you can choose to fill in all the gaps with what you know now.  It’s the moment you can remind yourself that even your painful stories are needed.  Those stories have shaped you.  They were a necessary part of making you the woman you are today.

And the woman you are today is beautiful.

You are beautiful because you’re paying more attention.   You’re working hard to integrate ALL the different parts of who you are into the woman you know you are meant to be.  You’re learning to embrace the mistakes and poor decisions as the wise teachers that they are.  You’re growing in your empathy and vulnerability with others because you’ve been where they are.

Don’t let those moments shake you, not anymore.  

Let them encourage you.  Let those moments fill you with fierce hope and courage!  You are ever becoming more beautiful and those moments were just the steps you needed to take along the way.

Let’s keep reminding each other that there’s no shame in our stories.  

We are Love Warriors in the making.

to more love,


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