Like it or not, “together” is what you need

Often the holidays usher in what seems a never-ending line-up of parties and get-togethers.  We meet up for school, work, church, charities, neighborhoods, friends, and of course, family.  There’s a whole lot more “togetherness” going on this time of year, whether you’re a fan of it or not.  For some, it feels like endurance is the key to getting you through this time of year.  For others, it fills your cup to be surrounded constantly by the masses.


Either way, there’s something good I’ve noticed this year about all of the gatherings . . . 


All of the togetherness reminds us of our networks.  Even more than addressing our holiday cards, seeing the smiling faces of the ones we don’t get to see as often as we’d like, is a beautiful reminder of all the people in our tribe.  Of course, the annual Christmas party probably isn’t the place to divulge all that’s going on in your world, but it’s a great place to look around and remember that you do have people.  It’s an opportunity to take inventory, to be reminded of the ones you want to invest more time with, in the new year.


Come January, you might want to plan to see each other again. 


The way life tends to go, you might really need each other.  And you will have already laid the groundwork.  I love this quote from Lysa TerKeurst about togetherness from her book,  “The Best Yes: Making Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands”


“Together” is a really good word. 

Together is what we need when we hit tough patches in life. 

Making decisions when life is making you cry shouldn’t be done alone.”


At your next gathering, look around. 


It may seem like you’ve had all the “togetherness” you can take, but think about it a little bit differently.  Look in the eyes of the people surrounding you.  Who do you want to know better?  Who would you like to invest more time with?  Pay attention.


Together is what we will always need.  


That kind of “together” tomorrow, starts today.


to more love,




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