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Lighten up, Lighten your load, HeartStoriesReflecting back over the last year of life can bring a lot of mixed emotions.  There are accomplishments and joys along with disappointments, regrets and frustrations.

I’ve found as I look back, I often catch myself carrying around the disappointments instead of celebrating the joys.  I don’t know why I do that, as I consider myself a naturally optimistic person, but I know one thing.  That’s a recipe for more frustration and less hope.

This week, I’m focusing on lightening up my load.  I’m not going to carry my disappointments, regrets, self-doubts, and frustrations into next year.  I’ve written them down as part of this practice, and I’m letting them go.

I’m lightening the load.

You can too.  Grab a sheet of paper or open a note on your phone.  Write down at least 5 frustrations, regrets or disappointments from this past year.  Read them out loud.  (This might make you teary.  It did me.)  Acknowledge what you’ve learned from them.  Then, consciously let them go.

Let them fall like the leaves on the trees.  Make room for the new growth to come in the spring.  It doesn’t matter if you burn the paper, cross them out, delete the letters one by one… just let them go.

Lighten your load.

While you’re there, write down 5 good things from this last year.  Think of 5 things that brought you joy, made you smile, made you feel proud, or gave you a glimmer of hope.  They are there, if you look.

Practice gratitude.

Think about those things with a grateful heart.  Write a note to thank the people involved.  Pray to thank God.  Meditate on those things.  Fill your heart with gratitude as you move into 2016 and you’ll notice your load is lighter.

It will be easier to love.

Lighten up sister.  We need you this year.  You’ve got this.

to more love,


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