Let Love be the filter

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If you’re around me at all, you’ll notice I use the word love a lot.

I love my family.  I love my friends.  I love my pets.  I love the vision and purpose of HeartStories.

I also love tacos and guacamole.  I love the fall and the color red.

You get the idea.

You could argue that I use the word too loosely or that when used so often it waters down the value.   You might even say there are different types of love (and I would agree).

Here’s the thing.

Life is hard.  There are a lot of hurt people walking around, all around you.  You might even be walking around with a big hurt in your heart.

We have some sayings around our house to remind us all what that’s like.  We say, “Hurt people hurt people”  and “People who need love the most, show it in the most unlovable ways.”   It’s true you know.

That is unless, you’re intentional about making sure it’s not. 

I read a quote yesterday by Margie Warrell.  She said, The words you speak create the reality you inhabit.

So if that’s true, and I believe it is, why not make love the filter?

Why not speak it into existence with your words?  Dream it into existence with your dreams.  Hear it in the words you speak to yourself.

Create a reality that’s filled with love for others.  

Love for life.  Love for our planet.

I may say that word more than some people would like, but I actually mean it.  It’s not an accident or a childish habit.

It’s intentional.

I want to relate to the people in my life and world around me through the filter of love.  So I work hard to focus on creating more love.  I speak it, I do it with my actions when I can.   I write about it.  I shine a light on it when I see it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying my life is shiny happy people holding hands.

It’s not.  I hold resentments I wish I could let go of.  I have a temper I wish I could control.  I get frustrated and down when work isn’t growing as quickly as I planned.  I judge others too quickly when I’m not careful.

But my heart is set on trying to make love the filter for everything I see and do.  

It’s how I raise my kids.  It’s how I do business.  It’s how I drive down the street (most of the time).

I got a note from a friend yesterday.  She was telling me about a really tough situation going on between her kids and someone else’s kids.  Which evolved into mean behavior between grown-ups.  (sigh)  She ended her note with, It’s unbelievable how hurtful people can be. . . I wish everyone had more love to spread.

Hurt people hurt people sister.

All we can do is love more and defend our own hearts against resentment by seeing their humanity.

What if we all focused on loving more?

What if you focused on loving more, today?

What if you decided to let love be your filter, even just for today?

Try to see beyond the hurtful behavior to love the person as an imperfect human being, worthy of love and belonging.

You might find you’re inhabiting a new reality.

To more love!


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