Let it be scary

These kids have been trick-or-treating together since before some of them were born.  Literally.  Halloween 2006, I was 39 weeks pregnant, dilated to a 6, and walking the neighborhood with this crew.  Grant it, a couple of them were being pulled in wagons, and sweet baby girl wasn’t even part of the plan yet, but we were all together.

It’s Trick or Treat tradition.

The Collins are friends-like-family. They’re one family in our core group of friends, some of which, we’ve been doing life with since we moved to Frisco. They’re the reason we moved to Frisco back in 2004, after living one street over from them in Dallas.  (Apparently, we like them a lot!) Even as the kids are becoming teenagers and going through the changes (in body and in friendship) that teenagers do, there’s still a familiar level of comfort that makes it easy for our families to spend time together.  Over the years, it’s been fun to listen in, while they’ve referred to each other as everything from “brothers and sisters”, to “cousins”, trying to navigate explaining their relationship to friends.  Sadly we no longer live down the street from each other, and life seems busier than ever, so getting together requires a little more effort and intention.

But we do it. 

There have even been discussions about building a bridge across the creek that now separates our houses, to make passage easier.  Which seems like a great plan for now, but gives me a tad bit of concern for their next few years as teenagers.  We will see about that.  But whatever the next few years bring, there’s one thing I know for sure.

We will arrange our lives to be together.

Even with the impending rain tonight, threatening to foil all the best laid plans, I have no doubt these kids will find a way to run around in costumes together.  . . and mama will try to snap pictures, just like every year before.  We grown ups will find a place to chill and keep in touch with our walkie-talkies.  We will let it be, whatever it is.

Because family and friends matter most.

Unless you literally live on the same street, doing life together is never easy.  It’s an intentional choice that requires time, effort, and rearranging.  It requires making the relationship a priority, even when it’s inconvenient.  Even when it’s raining and the kids are sassy.  Even when it would be easier to throw in the towel, flip on the TV, and stay home.

Which relationships do you need to arrange your life around tonight?

Don’t let the rain “scare” you off.  I know you’re tired.  I know life has been nuts.  I know a nice little break sounds so good.  But the moments you arrange your life around being with the people who matter most are an investment that will grow, year after year, after year.

Send an invite for a house party.

You don’t have to clean it, it’s Halloween, let it be scary.

Gather with your people. 

to more love,


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