A double gift

This day after Halloween, has been a special day for me my whole life long.  For 31 years it was a special day because my sister Kim, my childhood best friend, playmate, and my partner in crime growing up, was born on this day.  When I was born she was a two year old by my side.

She’s been by my side ever since.  

Thirty one years later, as we neared the date for Oakley to make his entrance into the world, it became clear that there was a chance he could be born on Kim’s birthday.  In fact, as we drew closer, it was more like an option.  Being dilated to a 6 with no contractions on Halloween day, meant that we could just wait it out. . . or we could schedule an induction for the very next morning.  I was worried about Kim losing her day of celebration if it got blurred together with his.  But when I talked with Kim about sharing her birthday with my Oakley, she said it would be an honor.

Eleven years ago today, All Saints Day became a double gift for me.

With Kim by my side (well, in the next room), Oakley made a big entrance into the world.   These two are kindred spirits.  Don’t get me wrong, they are pretty much nothing alike.  But they have a soul connection that ties them deeper.  Combining their celebrations is sometimes hard.  I worry that Kim doesn’t get celebrated the way that she should, since Oaks is the kid.  But the connection they have is so beautiful, it’s totally worth it.

It’s a double gift for them too. 

If you’re concerned about how the timing of something might work out, take a breath of peace today.  Trust the process.  Trust the timing.

Sure, there might be some bumps in the road. 

Of course, it won’t always be easy, but there could be an unexpected, double gift in it, if you look for it.

In celebration of these two beautiful souls (who will always be Saints to me), would you look for your double gift today?

What’s the gift that is just waiting to emerge in your life today?

I think it’s a good day to discover it.  

to more love,


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