Leah is leading the way

This is such a treasured image for me because it represents so much of what I believe is true about women.  This is my friend Leah Frazier.  She’s a stunning fashion entrepreneur, who also happens to be a double-licensed attorney and own a media company.  But you wouldn’t know any of that when you meet her.  Oh you’ll know she’s smart, strong and wise, no doubt.  But she has such a bright, kind, and generous spirit, it’s more likely you’ll think she’s you long-lost sister soul mate.

And that’s what makes this story so special.

One night in February, she showed up in my Facebook feed.  Even through the screen of Facebook, she exuded such a bright, beautiful light. I stalked her for a minute, and quickly realized she was someone I would love to know.  She is doing countless amazing things with her life, but her feed somehow seems like it’s all about others.  Her words are edifying.  Her heart is good.  She’s here to serve and connect.

I knew I wanted to get to know her. 

If nothing else,  I thought I would at least reach out to tell her I could see her bright light shining from here.   And so I did.  I send her a connection request, and she accepted.  I sent her a note to tell her the above and she responded quickly.  She said that she had plans to be in Frisco the following week to meet my friend Wendi, and would love to meet for coffee.   Voilá!  A beautiful friendship was born.

That is how women get it done. 

Of course, maybe it’s not always stalker outreach, but it’s authentic, generous, and kind.  When we are at our best, we change the world by our courage, vulnerability, connection, and by lifting each other up.  It’s what we were born to do.

Women like Leah are leading the way.  

I know this isn’t a practical story in a lot of ways.  The way the timing worked, the in-person meeting, and the availability in her schedule, but the point is still the same:  Be open to connect and support other women, without judging them first (or worrying so much that they are judging you).

We are all in this life together.  

Follow Leah’s lead, and act like it.

to more love,

Crystal (AKA: the stalker) 

P.S.  Leah is one of our fabulous panelists for “Let’s Get Together” GNO next week.  She’ll be sharing all about her beauty routines (Hello, glowing skin!) as well as her journey to embrace her true inner beauty and show up in the world in as her authentic self!  Come join us and meet this incredible women!

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