It’s a Choice

This word, choice.  Over the last few days, it keeps popping out at me in books, blogs, social media posts and even back to school paperwork.

It seems like everywhere I look, I keep seeing this word.  

There are so many chances in life for us to make choices.  But often we miss them, because they’re disguised. Sometimes they’re disguised in emotional reactivity.  Like when I almost instantly yell “STOP IT!” as soon as the boys start to argue over a Nerf bullet for the 15th time today.  When I do that, I miss my chance for a choice.

Because I don’t pause long enough to look for it.

Sometimes choices are disguised as a long, hard journey to a place you’ve never been.  Like when you’re faced with an opportunity to do something generous and meaningful, but the finances just don’t line up.  You can keep waiting for the right circumstances to choose you, or you can set out on a meaningful journey.  Sure, you might take a wrong turn.  You might get lost.  You might have a flat tire.  But you will cover so much ground.

“Most great things in your life won’t happen by chance, they will happen by choice.”  – Carrie Green

I love that quote because the truth is, a lot of things will happen to you in your life.  Things you can’t control, and most of them won’t be great.  The truly great things happen after the moment you make a choice about what you’ll do next.

Today I challenge you to think back on the best things that have happened in your life.  

How many of them happened by chance?

How many of them happened after you made a tough choice?

“You must make a Choice to take a Chance or your life will never Change.”   ~ Zig Ziglar, The 3 C’s of life

You certainly don’t have a choice about things that have happened to you in the past, but you have a choice about what you’ll do going forward, starting today.  You won’t have a choice about the things that happen to you, but, you have a choice about how you respond.  Every single time.

You get to spend all day, every day, practicing making small daily choices.  

Then, when the opportunity for the big choice arises, the one that would have felt like you had no choice in the past, you’ll see your opportunity to choose.  Take a deep breath, step back, and look again.

What is it in your life today that you wish would change?

Remember you always have a choice.

You get to choose what do next. You get to choose the attitude you will have.  You get to choose the direction you will take next.

Life’s not a chance.  It’s a choice.  

to more love,


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