A breathtaking work of art

My husband is an artist in all his spare time. (ha!) He paints at home, so the boys get a chance to see his process and enjoy his creations.  I’ve also done my fair share of painting over the last five years as part of my creative process.  Naturally, the boys are curious about art and love to pick up the brush themselves.  All of this results in our home being full of vibrant little canvases, painted with heart and passion.

The night that Noah found the frog, Oaks was home creating this with Scott.  I love this image because of the way the lamp lit up his blonde hair, but also the clear intention he has in squeezing out just the right amount of paint.  He was thinking.  I can see it. He had a plan.

That canvas is a lot like your life.

You start with an idea of what you want it to look like.  You have a plan for how you want it to turn out and you get to work.  But after the first few strokes, it often takes a different shape.  And just like the canvas, you can’t erase it.  You have to make each next decision starting from where you are now. You can choose to ignore the big broad strokes and try to only paint in the corners, or you can accept them, and use them as a foundation for what you’ll do next.

Your most brilliant colors come from love, connection, kindness, generosity, hope, and joy.   Your depth, dimension and texture come through anger, disappointment, pain, and growth.  Layer upon layer, your life is becoming a breathtaking work of art.

Your colorful experiences are mixing perfectly together.

All the pain and struggle you’re working through adds just exactly the right amount of depth.  Those days you pull yourself up again, when you really don’t know if you’ll make it?  They bring a strong splash of red.  The nights you choose gratitude in the midst of your difficult circumstances, lace pastels throughout the canvas.  The days filled with love, joy and hope add stunning bright embellishments all throughout the work.

Most of the time, you can’t see the incredible work of art you are becoming.  

But sister, you are.

Stop wishing for a blank canvas.  Yours is so rich.  It’s so breathtaking and unique.  It’s irreplaceable.   Embrace that today.

Embrace your messy, beautiful story.

Embrace the work of art that is yours, and yours alone.  We need your color.  We need your story.

We need your beautiful work of art.  

to more love,


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