In it to win it

time-to-breatheOn New Year’s Eve, my parents host an annual slumber party for the grandkids.  My mom gets totally into her “teacher” zone and plans out plenty of games for the night.  She and Dad complete the wild adventure with an awards ceremony on New Year’s Morning.

It’s an event we all look forward to.  

This is a quick snap from Minute to Win it.  In this windy game, you have one minute to blow your cup straight across the island and the first one to successfully blow theirs across the opposite side, wins.  As you can see by the wandering eyes, it’s a fierce competition, with a lot of hot air.  We even had to utilize slo-mo video playback amidst screaming to determine the first place winner.  They really are, in it to win it.

It’s interesting that our lives aren’t much different.  

Except, instead of one minute, we can be found trying to blow our cups day, after day, after day.  We get the minimum amount of rest or breath we need.  Then we blow as hard as we can, for as long as we can, until we fall into bed, completely out of steam, and do it all over again.  We treat our days as if they’re a competition to see who’ll stay standing the longest.

When instead, they can be a meandering invitation to grow.  A proposition to experience beauty, engage in meaningful connection, cultivate joy, and make change that matters, for generations to come.  

Consider that today, as you’re blowing your cup across the island, using every last ounce of breath you have to race to the finish. . . what would happen if you stopped focusing so hard on your to-do list to take one extra breath?  What might you notice or experience?  How could it change things for the better?

You never know until you try.

Take an extra breath on me today.

to more love,


P.S.  If you think you’ll be ready for a big, long breath by Thursday, grab your girlfriends and come join us!  We’ve got a restful AND fun Girl’s Night Out planned for you!  We’ll be breathing out the stress and worries of 2016, and setting our course together, for a Healthy & Happy 2017, together with Natalie Tuman.  It’s already done for you!  Scheduling, check!  Wine, check!  Fun/easy location, check!  All you need to do is gather your girls and grab your ticket today!

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