Run & Rest

One of our favorite holiday traditions is laughing hysterically while watching the “Home Alone” movies together.  It amazes me that we still find the scenes humorous after we’ve seen them so many times. But nevertheless, we do.  This Christmas though, it appears as if we have a new tradition.

I sure hope it sticks.  

The boys got generic “fit bits” from Santa, which has resulted in a little healthy competition.  They are nonstop, comparing their steps and calorie burns.  While it’s a tad bit annoying to navigate lap runners inside the house, it’s obviously been great for their growing bodies since the weather outside in Texas currently resembles the frigid north.  But I was cracking up from the kitchen when I saw this one jogging in place during family movie night.  He was working hard to get a few more last steps in before the bedtime cutoff.  He could see the finish line and he wasn’t about to quit.  His creativity is endless.

It was actually fun for him.

It’s ironic because over the last couple of days, I’ve been doing the exact opposite.  I’ve been intentionally lying low.  Same jammies, same dirty hair, same fire in the fireplace.  The only thing different has been my alarm clock wakeup call allowing me to sleep in a little bit longer.  It’s been sort of a cruise to the finish line this year.  I’ve been taking the breather I encouraged you to take last year.

Same house, same year, two totally different experiences. 

I love it because that’s how life goes.  Some days it’s a never-ending competition to see who can stay standing the longest.  Other days it’s about shifting into cruise control and collecting moments.  Oaks knows exactly how to check out, when he’s ready.  He goes from full throttle to fast asleep in under 3 seconds.  Most of us haven’t mastered that skill.  Our minds and bodies need a little more time to transition.

The key is that it’s all intentional.

You’re either working toward a goal you’ve decided is worthy, or you’re pumping the breaks to get the rest you need.  Neither is wrong.  Both are good, as long as you make time and space for each one.

If you can see the finish line of the goal you’ve been working so hard to meet, don’t quit. 

Get creative.  You’ve got this.

If you’ve been running, full speed ahead and the finish line is currently in the rear view mirror, let it stay there.

Take the time you need to let your body rest.  Let your mind ease into all the creativity you need to set your vision for next year.

Run and rest. 

Find your cadence.  And let go of judgement.  It’s different for everyone.

Only you can decide what’s best for you.  

Run and rest.

to more love,


P.S.  Whether you’re running or resting, next Thursday’s “Design Your Life GNO” will be a good girls night out for your soul.  We’ll do a little planning of our spaces, and our lives, while we laugh, rest and reconnect with ourselves and each other.   Give your BFF a holla and meet me there!

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