How will you decide?

One quick glance at this image instantly spreads a smile across my face.  It’s from our “fireside chat” time at last month’s girls night out.  Brooklyn was clearly telling one of her hilarious “Brooklyn” stories, the way only she can.  Meanwhile, Sally and I are smiling those “Oh my gosh, is she really about to say this right now?” smiles.  I love it because I couldn’t possibly tell you which story she was telling.  Brooklyn tells wild, colorful stories.  She pulls you in with details, suspense, and surprises at every turn.

What I love most is her determination to keep moving forward, despite the fear.  

The stories Sally and Brooklyn shared that night were full of moments when they could have allowed fear to hold them back.  They could have listened to their fears.  They could have allowed the fears of others to be the guardrails that “kept them safe”.  But instead, they made their own choices, based on their own hearts, their own beliefs, desires, and goals for their lives.

They were not decisions based on fear. 

I know for me, the past week has brought some pretty intense moments of choice.  Moments that have required me to choose from a deeper place than the fears that can so easily entangle my thoughts or fears that other people hold close.  They have been moments when I’ve had to dig deep into my beliefs about my long term goals.  Moments about me standing in the proverbial mirror, asking myself if I’m making my choices from fear or from love.  Then in one divine moment, I opened up my phone and saw this quote from The Female Entrepreneur Association:

No more decisions based on other people’s fear.

Enough said.

There are circumstances in your life and circumstances in our world right now that are requiring you to make decisions despite fear.

Despite your own fear and despite the very vocal fears of others.

Only you can choose your next step.

Will you decide based on fear?

Or will you decide based on love?

The basis of your decision will undoubtedly predict the outcome.

to more love,


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