Honor them all, by remembering one.

Remembering those who’ve gone before us is always a mixed bag of emotions.  Of course we remember the joy, the laughter, and the good times. But inevitably, we also remember the rest; the pain, the suffering, and the loss.  The familiar ache of loss burns, when we take the time to remember.   We often turn away from that ache as a means of coping.  It’s easier to look away, than to look into the face of it.

But today, we say thank you by remembering.  

We look at the pictures.  We share the stories.  We visit cemeteries.  We take a pause from our busy lives to enjoy the ones we love, and in that pause, we honor the memories of the ones who gave all for this freedom we enjoy.

Who will you remember today? 

I encourage you to share a photo, a story or a memory of someone who gave their life in service of our country.  If by chance, you don’t have someone personally to remember, just take a pause long enough to search out and read one.  (Here’s Jaime’s story.)  You could read for days.

But take just 5 minutes today.  

Honor them all by remembering one.

to more love,


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