High hands for a little rest. . . you need some too

Sometimes you just have to give a big “Woo-Hoo” with some high hands, even if all the kids are looking at you with that side eye, like you’ve completely lost your mind.

It’s the only way. 

Unless you’re better at reserved, mature, adulting than I am, which is obviously highly likely.  We dropped the boys off for camp over the weekend, and that was me.  Clearly my friend Nicole knows a perfect photo-op when she sees one.

So there, in all it’s glory, is the one image that shows how this mama is really feeling about summer camp.  

I love these kids with all my heart, but the amount of work and coordination it takes to get them through the last week of school, packed for a week of summer camp and out the door to the caravan spot, while running a business and planning a big birthday party is enough to knock anyone off their rocker.

Tell me I’m right?!?

Life certainly seems to have its ebbs and flows with busy seasons. . . busier seasons. . . and then crazy-insane-busy seasons.  In the age of the constant “connectedness” of technology, unless we intentionally plan it, there just doesn’t seem to be a natural flow for a time of rest.  We just go, go, go until there’s nothing left and then we fall out.  We’re run down, exhausted, and discouraged.

Then we think there’s something wrong with us.  

We think it’s our hormones, our bodies, our mental state, or even our relationships.  And in a lot of ways, it is all those things, because we are pushing so hard, we’re screwing everything up.  Less sleep & more caffeine is our method of survival.  But we weren’t created to just survive.  We’re here to light up this world with love, joy and hope.  That’s why my “battle cry” with HeartStories is self-care, friendship, purpose, and fun.

So look at your calendar today.  

I know there’s not any time.  Believe me, I know.  But you need this.  Schedule in some time for a walk.  Plan coffee with a good friend.  Reserve 15 minutes alone.  Do yoga, barre, or Crossfit.  Or take one night out with girlfriends.   I know it’s a big ask.

Because you’re busy.  

But you weren’t made to live at the intersection of less sleep and more caffeine.

You need a little rest.  

Make it happen.

to more love,



 P.S.  Of course, I know a great way to get some “you” time this week.  Grab some girlfriends and join us for our 80’s style, GNO Birthday Party.  It’s going to be easy & fun.  (no costume required!) 

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