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Wouldn’t it be great if life was a big bed of roses, if it was all fun, laughter and good times?

The truth is, we know far too well, that life is not a fairytale.

No matter what the movies say, most of life is made up of hard work.  It’s the hard work of the everyday, mixed with personal struggles most people will never know about.  It’s not easy.

It’s often painful.

It’s the moments of joy, the glimmers of hope, that give us something to hold onto.  In the moments of sweetness and goodness, you remember what it is you’re working for.

Sometimes that’s all you get.

Stop hoping for smooth sailing just around the bend.  It’s a mirage, a fantasy.  It will always be, just around the bend.

What’s real is this moment.

You can choose to live in it, exactly the way it is, or you can miss it completely, looking around the bend for what’s next.

Of course you should plan for the future.  Absolutely! Learn, grow, and figure out how to make it better, but don’t miss it.

Look for the joy, the hope and the meaning, in the moments of your life today.

Let the small gifts of this day give you the hope you’ll need tomorrow.

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